MBBS In Georgia


About Georgia

Georgia is a European country located at Eastern Europe and West Asia. Study MBBS / MD in Georgia is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. Many of the Georgia Medical universities (Study MBBS / MD) in Georgia are high ranked in all world surveys for MBBS / MD course. We are the best Educational consultancy for MBBS / MD Abroad admission in India since 2009 and Most of our students studying in Georgia.  Most of the Medical (Study MBBS / MD) universities are in the capital of Georgia Tbilisi.



MBBS / MD Medical Universities in Georgia follow ECS (European credit system) and generally offer 360 credits (Study MBBS / MD) course in Georgia. Georgia currency is Lari, 1 Lari is equal to 25 INR. Study MBBS / MD   in Georgia medical universities are the best medical universities for Indian students because of no language          barrier, 89 % of local people speaks good English, So Study MBBS / MD in Georgia is good for practical experience. Study MBBS / MD in Georgia is so good You don’t need to learn any local language unlike other countries. We are doing direct admissions to the top Medical colleges in Georgia for Indian students and we are the only consultancy having Indian hostel and Indian canteen in the hostel campus.


Medical University in Georgia (Study MBBS / MD) is a very beautiful country with one part on Black sea and other part is full landscapes surrounded by European countries. Most of the foreign students likes to study MBBS / MD in Georgia as especially Indian students because we have Indian professors, staffs working in some of our medical universities.  There are many flights from India to Georgia every day. The duration is also small and comfortable. We welcome all Indian students to come Georgia for (Study MBBS / MD).