St. Tereza Medical University

The medical university after saint tereza was founded in yerevan in 1992 by larisa hambartsumyan and has been the first and the only one in its kind in armenia. In 1996 the university received a letter of blessing from mother teresa. Rector of the university, larisa hambartsumyan is a member of the international orem society (ios) for nursing science and scholarship.

In the medical university of st. Theresa, besides the principles of medical education, the students acquire practical skills and psychological-pedagogical capacities. This enables the university graduates not only to successfully and highly productively implement their medical activities, but also to be engaged in treating, taking care of the sick and disabled people, orphans, lonely mothers and the elderly, who are in need of charity, love, attention, and tactful approach. The students also take an active part in the organization of sanitary – instructive work and in concrete events aimed at preventing certain diseases.




The number of students and alumni of the medical university of st. Theresa is growing year by year. The university provides its students with the best opportunities available to make great careers in the future and to become perfect specialists for our motherland. The methods of teaching at this educational institution prove that a medical worker should be considered a qualified specialist if he can cure not only the body, but also the soul of the patient. Such are the alumni of the medical university of st. Theresa. Education is a difficult but a noble work.most of the indian students study mbbs in armenia prefer st.theresa medical university, armenia almost 150 indian students completed mbbs through my company and successfully practicing in india. Living spaces are fully air-conditioned/ room heater with attached bathrooms. Students also have access to free wi-fi, play areas, and other entertainment. Constant cctv surveillance and the presence of 24 / 7 campus guards ensure high levels of student security. Clinical training is imparted by a highly-trained and experienced faculty who have demonstrated capabilities in their respective fields.